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Every parent can view their child’s activities,
View school fees details and communicate
with teacher from their mobile phones.
Using The Right Tools For Parent Engagement
supply updated analysis via web portal
to a mobile app for parents
Behaviour assessment
Monitoring student activities Post
results and grades and an integrated
communication system

School Management

School Management
You might have been using a School Management software or have plans to start using one, Whatever the case our team will guide your school from start to finish.

With Wellsims all teachers are trained to use the system. Teacher will also spend less time with paper work involved with their role as they can update records as it comes and this will definitely improve their productivity and benefit the school in general.

With Wellsims its less stress, you communicate better, plan quicker, measure statistics better and be ready for future academic sessions using our online school management platform.

With Wellsims parents will definitely be updated about attendance, fees, continuous assessment and holidays, Growth of the child. Parents also get the opportunity to communicate with teachers directly, all from their mobile phone.

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