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Wellsims is a school Information Management System which as an online application, helps schools and parents/guardians keep track of their students, children/wards’ academic performance, attendance and overall student/school activities from the comfort of their mobile phones, computers and more interestingly, from anywhere in the world and at all times. 

Wellsims Application is the first of its kind in Nigeria which not only enhances the inward and outward efficiency of the school but also helps parents be on ground guardian of their children/wards, academic development. An allinclusive service that helps parents be part of their children’s academic life. 

It is an online application which when installed, allows parents access to all the affairs of their children while at school. 

Fortunately, every parent now own a cell phone which means you no longer have to worry when your child leaves home for school nor about his/her academic progress. 



With Wellsims every parent who has successfully subscribed can have access to his/her child’s record at the school; attendance, continuous assessments, exam records, results, PTA meetings notifications, curricular and other activities happening at the school at the palm of their hand through their cell phones or computers at all times anywhere in the world. 

The school management through Wellsims can reduce the workload and unnecessary errors by allowing Wellsims to keep records for easy access at all times and can also retrieve any information with ease. No hassles, no delay and no errors in information uploaded in Wellsims. 

Every parent can view their child’s activities, view school fees details, updates and can also communicate with teachers at all times directly via the Wellsims messaging system. 



Our target market is all schools in Nigeria ranging from Kindergarten, primary school, secondary school and tertiary Institutions across the 36 states of Nigeria. 


Our mission is to create value and satisfaction and efficiency for all our clients by delivering an innovative, state of the art and epochal service customised to every institution and parental needs from anywhere in the world with our innovative, efficient and effective service anchored on improving the lives of our students and comfort of the parents and transparency of the school management. 

To deliver our service with the best customer service ethics, one of the best in the world as our clients satisfaction is our goal. 



To be recognized as the best school information Management system in the world via our commitment to institutions parents, our clients and subscribers. 




We partner with our clients and align our collective goals towards exceeding expectations by delivering the state-of-the-art school information management system in the world. 



Here, we not only help all the schools to prove their accountability and transparency to the parents, we also give the parents the trust they crave to have easy access to the schools activities thereby accountability to each other as well as our paramount believe in success. 


We hold the world to heart, that is why we conduct ourselves and our affairs with the highest level of trust, honesty, efficiency, accountability, professionalism and ethical values. 


We advocate support and respect for our team members, clients and sponsors, thereby promoting a positive and fulfilled environment  



We constantly nurture improvements, advancement and state of the art updates with the vast experience of our dedicated professionals, allowing no room for living in the past. 



We advocate active listening and pro-active suggestions to clarify needs and value responsiveness in all communications