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What is Wellsims

Wellsims is a school information management system that automates every aspect of school process. It includes active features for school administrators, teachers and parents. With simple and powerful report dashboards, time table and lesson planning, result compilation and so much more.

How much does Wellsims cost?

Wellsims has a flexible termly pricing model.

Our  pricing rates are also slightly negotiable.

We also charge an initial set-up and training fee which starts from N350,000 depending on a number of factors.

You can view our pricing details here

Contact us for your unique price quote: +234 803 790 7928, 08067713216 (Call or Whatsapp),

How can my school start using Wellsims?

We try to make the Wellsims start-up process as smooth as possible. Once your interest has been confirmed, you should receive a proposal from an assigned sales staff. A data collection form will be sent out to your school after payment has been made. Then the information collected from this will be used to configure your school’s Wellsims database.

After this, a staff training will now be scheduled which usually takes 2 – 5 days (depending on the number of your staff that we need to train). Once the training process is complete, your school can begin using Wellsims smoothly.

How Do I try a Demo of the Software?

If you want to see how Wellsims works, request an instant free demo directly on the website. Log in details will be sent to your email with which you can access and try out an online demo.

As standard follow up procedure, a sales staff will contact you a few days later to find out your demo experience. You may use this avenue to schedule a live demo presentation if you wish.

Can Colleges use Wellsims?

Yes. Wellsims is not just for nursery, primary and secondary schools only. All tertiary institutions, can use Wellsims was built to fit any school requirement. This is why Wellsims is different.

What are the benefits for my school?

Every school gets 60% of each parents payments. So aside from the technological benefits, your school will also be making money from the service.

Are prices negotiable?

Yes. We understand that every school will be different in some ways, There are situations where we can waive some fees. Some factors have to be considered first. Please contact Wellsims Team for details. We are Online from 8:00am – 4:00pm, Monday to Friday if you want to chat with us.

Or you can call 0806 771 3216 if you have any questions.